We were born in adversity

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Setting up a company is a challenge, setting up a marketing and development agency is a challenge and not dying in the attempt is a challenge. But to do it in the middle of a global pandemic... more than a challenge is a small miracle.

And we have succeeded.

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However, these are "first world problems" and right now this world of ours has become complicated at all levels: we are surrounded by enormous uncertainty, more precariousness, economic problems everywhere and people who are having a really bad time.

We are doing well, very well we could say, and we cannot and do not want to look the other way, we feel compelled to share some of our "luck".

That's why we wanted to close our first year with a great final action: donating 2020 euros to the Food Bank

Yes, we did it in our first year of life and you can check it out here (unconfident!).

And we say big final action because we already did other smaller actions and, in fact, we have continued to do them after our first year.

Specifically we have offered free consultancies that have generated another 700€ of donations only in the first year, and we have continued making contributions year after year.

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On the other hand, we have been helping Formació i Treball for years in any development or marketing action they need, always with a very discounted price.

But the pandemic arrived and everything got complicated: Formació i Treball cancelled our services because all their focus and resources had to be centered on offering their service to the community in a moment of special tension.

From that moment on we opted to continue monitoring the Google Grants campaigns for free and we have continued to do so until today, when we are back to lend them a hand in what they need, but this is still and will remain a service that we offer at no cost.

Reponsabilidad social Formació i Treball - SANTACONCHA

Have you heard about the XAP TOURNAMENT of Grupo Constant? If you like paddle tennis or golf, I'm sure you've heard of it.

It is a 100% charity event that seeks to raise funds to fight against childhood cancer with the help of the Hospital San Joan de Déu.. And celebrities such as Carles Puyol and Fernando Belasteguín have joined the cause.

Grupo Constant has already trusted us several times to renew different websites of the group and, when they asked us to renew the Tournament website, it was clear: "this website is on us". And so we have become Technological Partners of the event and we also contribute our bit to such a noble cause.

Reponsabilidad social XAP Constant - SANTACONCHA

The fact is that we don't need to go to the other side of the world to see people who are hungry or in need of help in one way or another, we are surrounded by opportunities to do good.

We could have spent it on gifts for our clients, on things for our team, on seafood with partners and collaborators, with the agencies that give us clients... or we could have bought any treat for the two partners of the agency. But wasting money on trivialities, just when there are so many people around us who need it, would be like forgetting our humble roots and embracing a kind of capitalism that we don't agree with and that doesn't define us.

We have decided to donate, lend a hand and communicate it to help those who help, to feel proud and, why not say it, to set an example.

If we can, in our first 5 years of life, accumulate a total contribution equivalent to about 20.000€... surely many of you who read this message will be able to do it. Especially your companies.

And, be careful, let's not forget that a donation, if it is monetary, is usually tax deductible.

And we also encourage you not to lose sight of the reality around you, despite the maelstrom of work and all the problems of everyday life, because there are people for whom a small gesture of yours can make a big change. As big as that day to have something to eat.

To finish, we take this space to thank once again the trust of all our customers, collaborators and partners. Without them these good actions would not be possible and our agency would not exist. Without them it would be more difficult for us to be generous and help.

Thank you all for joining us in this project.

Let's continue!

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